I was unsure of what Reiki was and I was very nervous and untrusting until I actually experienced it. I will be back again for another session. It was very calming. It relaxed my back, knees, feet and head.

Quincy James -U.S. Army Veteran

I had no idea what Reiki was until my sister informed me of it. Still I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing. After her pressuring me a few times to give it a try, I finally gave in and I must say I was not disappointed. It was a great experience after the session my mind and body was well relaxed even down to my feet. Before the session I was very tensed as I'm usually tensed and was even told I was in a dazed for about 10 mins after the session.

      Toyin Edu

I have had Reiki performed on me before but, never like this. This was an amazing experience. I didn't want to get up, I was so relaxed. I felt heat on my chest and knee areas. She gave energy to where it was needed. Her touch is compassionate and caring. She is someone who truly cares about her clients. I will be booking her on a monthly basis. Thank you Mo.

April Harris - U.S Army Veteran

I was filled with stress and worry. I had some neck and back pain before coming to see Mo. The experience is one of a kind. The calming music, the aromatherapy  and her technique.  I never expected to feel this good. I will be coming back to book another session.  I will be referring some friends to her.

Heather Daye

Outstanding service and respectful.

Shay Sane

Thank you so much for our session last Tuesday! I felt a lot lighter afterwards. It stirred up some grief in my heart that I had from a past relationship but then it shifted and had a fun date that night! We went to an adult bingo night and I won a contest doing what I love...DANCING and performing on stage!!! I felt in my power, flashy, confident, and sassy!😍

I loved the Tarot and Oracle cards you pulled. They were accurate and gave me a lot more hope and more to look forward to. The shifts have also allowed me to get very clear on what I want in a romantic partnership and realized the person I went on that fun date with isn’t someone I want to be connected to romantically. Platonically yes.😊